"The residents at the Congregational Center are still mentioning how much they enjoyed the performance here on January 29."

  "The program was outstanding and the residents haven't stopped talking about your performance."

  "You should have heard the many comments... about the beautiful singing. Many could be seen singing along softly and keeping time with their shoulders and feet."

  "What great joy and happiness your wonderful choral group brought to all who attended your presentation at St. Therese Plaza. All the selections were beautiful; but I especially loved the Cole Porters Selections that made me a bit teary as I went back in time to the 30's. You are indeed a class act."

  "Please convey... how much the residents of Friendship Village enjoyed the concert... It was obvious that everyone in the group enjoys his or her work... and the willingness to share that with us at no cost was a special bonus. It is not even so much the money, but the idea that such a professional group will share in that way that has impressed people here so much."

  "It was such a pleasure to relax and enjoy those lovely voices."

  "It was such a pleasure to hear 'live' music again, and such good voices plus excellent harmony."

  "Your evening of song was a night to remember."

  "The entertainment was utterly delightful - we are still flying on the wings of song."

  "The music had so much 'get up and go' and the patriotic ending made for a fantastic finish."

  "The South Hills Chorale and Director were marvelous."

  "We shall enjoy remembering those songs so well performed for a long, long time."